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Hello foodie friends! I’d like to invite you to follow my food adventures on Instagram by following me @flavormethis_ (there is an underscore at the end)

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Join me on my latest dining adventures! Because I have so many restaurants that I’ve visited and want to share with you, it takes some time to write about each of them. I try to write my posts with the utmost care and I want to take you on a culinary journey through my words and pictures. Annnd I’m still fairly new to this and trying to establish a blogging schedule. But one thing I can assure you of, I always always always take pictures before I eat something that I think looks droolworthy and post them on Instagram ASAP. Yes, I’m that person that tells everyone at the table that they absolutely cannot eat until I take pictures. Hey, I know you do it too! It’s all in the name of blogging! So, I may not have written about a yummy experience on my blog yet, but there will always be pictures of my latest good eats on my Instagram. So check out the “preview”, get those salivary glands going, and keep an eye out for the review!  Thank you 🙂

Until next time food lovers!

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  1. Hi there! Following you on Instagram! I’m loving the pictures and looking forward to more 🙂 I would also like to invite you to follow my instagram @thecosmopolitanlab (no obligation) 😛


    1. Crecynthia says:

      Hi! Thanks so much! I’ll definitely follow you on Instagram! You have such beautiful pictures!


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