First Spoon University Article!!!

Hey hey there foodies, I’m baaaack! Sorry I’ve been M.I.A everyone! I’ve been busy with my new job and I’ve been working on…drum roll please… my first article for Spoon University!


I became a member of their editorial staff for the Los Angeles branch a few months ago and as of yesterday, my first article is published! Spoon University is a website that helps college students and young adults tackle the culinary world. Wondering what you can make for dinner on a college kid’s budget? Trying to decide if the Paleo diet is really beneficial?  Want to know what your local food festival has to offer? Spoon University has got it all!

Whether you’re an old pro or a newbie in the kitchen like me, there’s recipes for all levels of experience. Spoon University has chapters that span from us So. Cal. kids to folks in NYC. Please stop by and check out my article and stay tuned for more tasty recipes right here on my website!

Until next time food lovers!

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